Quotes for Life – 9. Sacrifice – Napoleon Hill

Quotes for Life – 9. Sacrifice – Napoleon Hill

This is Video No. 119 and blog post 302. Quotes for Life – 9. Sacrifice by Mike Pitt. In this new series Mike Pitt, Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd recites his favourite quotes and explains the what the impact of the quote has been on his life. The format is therefore, here’s the quote and what does / did it mean to Mike personally. The quote featured in this episode is from Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill was an American author in the area of self help before the genre really existed. He is perhaps best known as the author of Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937 which has sold over 20 million copies. He was born on October 26, 1883 and died on November 8, 1970.

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