Retaining Customers Should Be the Top Priority for Every Small Business

Retaining Customers Should Be the Top Priority for Every Small Business

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As far as small businesses are concerned one sure way to a profitable future is to become expert at gaining new customers on a regular basis and retaining customers. Businesses fail for a variety of reasons and losing clients is one of the easiest reasons to pinpoint. In order for your business to become successful, especially in the early stages, it’s important to focus on keeping the clients you’ve got.

Retaining Customers

Customer retention should be the prime objective for every small business because no clients equals no business and you will not be able to stay afloat.  There are a number of ways to achieve a good level of customer retention and below we have listed a few of the most important ones.

Value of Clients

Clients are of course valuable to your business, so it’s important you put as much energy into making existing customers feel valued as you do to attracting new ones. Sometimes doing the latter can result in bringing in new business as happy existing customers will recommend your company to fellow businesses in their sector via referral marketing.

Businesses can be unpredictable too. A small client may have a huge growth spurt which results in them pumping more money into your business down the line. Letting them go before this happens would be a regrettable mistake.

Keep Up To Date

Keep up to date in terms of keeping the client well informed  with progress on their projects  and have their most recent details on file. To build a great relationship it’s important to have the correct details such as email addressees, phone numbers and Social Media profiles, but also clients’ personal interests.

Send out regular communications so that they never have to chase you for updates. Schedule regular phone calls for those clients you cannot easily visit in person.

Use Relevant Platforms & Technology

Social Media is an excellent way of extending and deepening the relationship you have with your customers. It is also great when used as part of Content Marketing Plan to acquire new customers.

Create an app using tools like Phorest Software that makes communication even easier. Link this to other Social Media accounts too. It can be used to gather important client data and will show the professionalism of the company.

Listen to Clients

If you are losing a few clients then listen to their feedback and act upon it. Make promises to set things right and actually follow through with them to keep their business. This will also increase the chance of them spreading a good word about your company to other potential clients. Use these customer retention strategies to maintain existing relationships and  you may find that getting a complaint can lead to positive changes for your company.

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