SME Owners – 7 Classic upsell techniques you should be using now

SME Owners – 7 Classic upsell techniques you should be using now

Once you have attracted customers you should take the opportunity to build on their engagement with you by offering more products and services at the point of purchase or on your website’s checkout page.

By shrewd management of your messaging you will be able to increase their average spend and your potential revenue while delivering additional value to your customers – a beneficial scenario for all concerned. Here are 7 great ways to upsell.

1. Quantity – More of the same – ‘Would you like to ‘Go large’? Years ago while working on the Burger King account at an ad agency I learned that while the additional cost to the consumer (regular fries up to large fries) was 30 pence the additional cost of producing the large fries was 6 pence to BK and the additional profit from this simple upsell was 24 pence per transaction.

2. Associated products – Offer your customers products that accompany their initial purchase – Shoe shops offering polish, hairdressing salons selling specialist shampoos and conditioners are good examples of this technique.

3. Product bundles – Create product bundles and limited time discounts – You have just bought A – if you buy today you can save 20 % on B.

4. Couponing – Give your customers coupons or promo codes – ‘As a valued customer we like to offer you 15% off your next purchase.’ Ideally these coupons will be time sensitive.

5. Relevant suggestions – Travel companies who suggest car hire and local tour guides are one example.

6. Free delivery related – Offer the customer free delivery/shipping if they add to their basket and go above a minimum spend level to qualify.

7. Referral – If you refer us to one of your friends who mentions you will receive 10% off your next purchase and they will receive an introductory 10% discount too.

If you would like us to integrate upsell techniques into your marketing communications, we would be very happy to help.

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