SME Owners – 7 false prophets you may have met online

SME Owners – 7 false prophets you may have met online

This week something slightly different – we are taking a more irreverent look at matters relating to SMEs.

We wish everyone in business success and through this blog we have given all our readers valuable advice that they can apply to their businesses.

We are not the sort of people to knock anyone’s legitimate hustle but please let us know if you have met any of following characters as you’ve been building your business. We would like to hear your thoughts.

1. The website traffic expert – ‘Explosive traffic growth to your website – just add this widget or pay this fee to learn the secrets etc.’ What about great content? No mention of that from these guys.

2. The Make Money online guru – Making money online is so easy it’s a wonder that governments do not use this guy’s techniques to solve their debt crises.

3. The online marketing expert – Usually doesn’t even reference offline marketing. Online is a channel and marketing pre-dates the existence of the online environment. Yes, it is part of the mix but it’s not the only show in town.

4.The Single Mum who makes $8000 per month from home working part-time. Even if it was true it’s still very far from the norm.

5. The SEO King – You will be no.1 on Google within a week irrespective of your niche. Well, that’s a relief, where do I sign up? Come on now…

6. The Social Media expert – Do you really think he knows much more than you about Google+, for example? Can you really be an expert in something that is evolving so quickly? We don’t think so.

7. The MLM King – Multilevel Marketing is not marketing – it’s pyramid selling and the word marketing is only used because it sounds so much better than Multilevel Selling.

We hope you haven’t had your fingers burned by any of the false prophets mentioned here. If you looking for a safer way to grow your business – we would be happy to help.

Kind regards,

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