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@melfindlater Melanie Findlater
@louschackleton discuss this today? RT @TheMikePitt #SME Owners –12 ways to encourage innovation within your business –

@retonthenet retonthenet
@TheMikePitt Thanks for the #follow; very interesting blogs……well informed….

@Lyndonx Lyndon Wood
@TheMikePitt How true these are Mike also add the business consultant who has never built one !

TravelGuppi Travel Guppi
This makes me smile. All very true. ☞ RT @themikepitt: #SMEs new post – 7 false prophets you may have met online

@caspergorniok Casper Gorniok
@TheMikePitt Excellent article! But it’s not just about additions to product, it’s homing in on the products that are most profitable

@TravelGuppi Travel Guppi
Good indicators ☞ RT @themikepitt: #SME – How do you know when your SME has come of age? 5 key indicators –

@TravelGuppi Travel Guppi
Cool post and very true. RT @themikepitt: #SME Owners – 10 ways to excel at customer service –

@TusNuaDesigns Tús Nua Designs
@TheMikePitt no probs you are a very talented writer, any blogs on how to increase sales of apps 🙂

@TusNuaDesigns Tús Nua Designs… another great Blog from @TheMikePitt #SMEcommunity

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
RT @themikepitt: #SME Owners – 12 ways to encourage innovation within your business – Great creative approach

@TusNuaDesigns Tús Nua Designs
@TheMikePitt Hi Mike, thank you for the link,good read

@myrahcaesar Myrah Caesar
Jus had an awesome meeting with @TheMikePitt. He really knows his marketing stuff.

@myrahcaesar Myrah Caesar
Great blog post by @TheMikePitt on 17 signs that you might be an #entrepreneur

@myrahcaesar Myrah Caesar
@TheMikePitt . Thumbs up for the new look of ur website

@kimainge Kim Ainge
RT @themikepitt: #Entrepreneur – Do you think that you’re an entrepreneur? 17 Signs you might be… – Some good points

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