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@demonskot Damian Owens
The #SME Post is out! ▸ Top stories today via @themikepitt @marketest @astaraccounting @colorofeasth

@beindemand – Lorraine Allman
RT @TheMikePitt #SME Owners – 10 ways to offer something free without damaging profitability – < really great ideas

@Leaplikeasalmon – Karen Waite
@TheMikePitt thanks great article really good tips.

@TheMikePitt Many thanks for the DMs & advice; cannot respond more fully as you don’t follow me; have sent invite to connect via LinkedIn

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
@TheMikePitt You are welcome 🙂 That’s what happens to great posts, they are shared fast. Aiming for it to happen mine one day.#blog

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
Another great find from @TheMikePitt #sme 15 tips for business growth; always appreciated Mike; thanks

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
@TheMikePitt Great post about #SME owners – what is the best advertisement for your business? Thanks Mike

@stefantopfer Stefan Töpfer
The Small Business Daily Digest is out! ▸ Top stories today via @themikepitt @buildingrcr @1rogerwoodward

@Tracy_Wilkinson Tracy Wilkinson
Like this: 25 ways to attract new customers: from @TheMikePitt; thank you #SME

KishLYL Kish Modasia
@TheMikePitt thanks for the follow interesting stuff you do.

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