Tweet Adder is Dead: What Now?

Tweet Adder is Dead: What Now?

Tweet Adder is Dead: What Now? (Video) By Mike Pitt

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Tweet Adder is Dead: What Now? By Mike Pitt.  If you have been using Social Media Marketing to promote your business, organisation or individual profile over the last few years you are likely to have heard of Tweet Adder. In this video I outline an alternative strategy for managing multiple Twitter accounts now that Tweet Adder is no longer with us.

Tweet Adder is a Social Media Management Software specifically designed for use on Twitter (as the same suggests). I have a video tutorial for Tweet Adder V4 on our YouTube channel that has around 1500 views. It’s here.  Tweet Adder 4 Tutorial – Features & Strategy

Up until a few weeks ago (Friday May 15th 2015) Tweet Adder was officially approved by Twitter. At this point Tweet Adder has amassed over 330,000 customers. It is not a backstreet hack created by rogue developers. Tweet Adder has been professional and officially endorsed. At Marketing Fundamentals Ltd we have been using Tweet Adder since 2011. Why have we used it? Unlike most Social Media Management tools Tweet Adder enables you to build up a bank of evergreen tweets that can be repeated randomly and on a recurring basis indefinitely. You don’t have to spend time scheduling tweets for the next day or the next week etc – you can just set the tweet parameters and let the software tweet for you at the times you specify. This is a massive time saver and when you have many retained clients and Twitter accounts to manage this time saving is huge.

However, all that has changed now. Tweet Adder is Dead. Twitter has removed Tweet Adder’s API access. Why did Twitter remove Tweet Adder’s API access? There are two possible reasons. Firstly, some users were abusing some of the features of Tweet Adder and were mass following users on Twitter. This is against Twitter’s terms of use. The second reason is more speculation, now that 330,000 of Twitter’s heavy users are not able to use Tweet Adder they might be more inclined to use Twitter Ads to promote their tweets and grow their following that way. The predominant reason will become clear soon.

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