What Are the Best Printer Brands to Buy?

What Are the Best Printer Brands to Buy?

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This is one of those awkward questions, really, like Coke or Pepsi, only more complicated because there’s a lot more companies making printers than just two rivals.

Printer Brands

Of course a lot of this answer depends on what you’re looking for in a printer – if you’re after great photos, then Canon is your go-to machine. If you want a good all-rounder that doesn’t break the bank, then Hewlett Packard is a good solution. If you are confused about which brand or model to go for, have a chat with a friendly printer ink retailer like cartridgepeople.com, as they’ll set you on the right track for your needs.

However, everyone loves lists, so here are the top seven printer brands, collated from an infinite number of consumer and industry surveys.

 1. Canon Inc.

This Japanese multinational has been specialising in the making of cameras, as well as other imaging products, for more than 80 years now. It also makes medical equipment, photocopiers and printers (or it wouldn’t be here…) and is renowned for its accurate, sharp photo printers. Click here for one example to consider.

2. Hewlett Packard

Another multinational, this IT company is American and supplies households, small, medium and huge businesses, the government, education and health sectors with machines of all kinds. Including printers, obviously. An HP printer is seen as a printer for all seasons, and its wireless models are especially well-regarded. Click here for one example to consider.

3. Brother Industries

Another Japanese multinational, Brother makes everything from typewriters (yes, they still exist.) to sewing machines, as well as multifunction printers. Brother printers are particularly known for their toughness and reliability. Click here for one example to consider.

4. Xerox

Everyone’s heard of Xerox and its photocopiers. The American multinational also makes pretty decent printers that are known for their sharpness and accuracy; the company also scores highly for its excellent after-sales care and customer service. Can’t be bad. Click here for one example to consider.

5. Ricoh

One of the lesser-known printer brands in the list, but this Japanese company’s wares are well-liked for their longevity and great reliability. The print quality won’t blow you away – it’s very good, but then so are lots of others – but what does impress customers is the smooth running of the machines and the good care when snags do occur. Click here for one example to consider.

6. Konica Minolta

Another Japanese company specialising in optical instruments and the like. The company is less well-known for its printers, but it makes quite a good range, including some larger specialist models. They’re not as cheap as many other brands can be, and there have been a few gripes about poor customer service. However, a KM printer usually serves its master well for quite a long time, so if you’re after something special, have a look. Click here for one example to consider.

7. Kyocera

Here come the Japanese again – they really know their stuff when it comes to optical instruments and printing, so you can’t go too far wrong with any of their brands, really. Kyocera laser printers are especially well-regarded for business and industrial use, with many customers describing them as a workhorse! Kyocera might not be the best choice for a domestic setting, unless you have an above average budget, but you won’t regret buying one. Click here for one example to consider.

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