What to Look for When Hiring a B2B Content Marketing Agency (SlideShare)

What to Look for When Hiring a B2B Content Marketing Agency (SlideShare)

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As the digital landscape is continuously evolving, most brands are shifting their attention to content marketing.

Nowadays, many businesses are choosing content marketing agencies for increased VISIBILITY.

And, greater success in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

But, choosing the right agency can be tough.

What should you look for when hiring a B2B content marketing agency?

Here’s our advice for choosing an agency that’s right for your business.

And will help your business grow.


1. Track Record

Creating an effective content strategy isn’t easy.

An agency can help you formulate an innovative strategy that gives an extra edge to your firm.

But only if they have the right track record…

If you know where to look, uncovering an agency’s track record is SIMPLE.

First, you should look for whether the agency publishes valuable content CONSISTENTLY.

An active blog with valuable content is a sign of a company’s knowledge and expertise in their niche.

ESPECIALLY FOR content marketing agencies.

Whose area of expertise is content creation and distribution.

If they aren’t doing this themselves, what sort of message does that send?

Another important consideration is case studies.

CASE STUDIES demonstrate that an agency can identify a set of objectives, plan a strategy to achieve those aims, and produce results.

And that they’re not afraid to share their track record with you.

Therefore, active blogging and case studies are both good ways of determining a content agency’s track record.

Importantly, each also demonstrates that an agency is able to deliver projects EFFECTIVELY.

But these are not the only indicators of an agency’s success…

Social proof is also important.


2. Social Proof

‘Social Proof’: the concept that when an individual is apprehensive about a decision, he/she will look to others they trust to see if they’re doing it, and take that as evidence of the “correct” behaviour.

In other words, it’s the mentality that if other people are doing it, and I trust those people, that’s validation that I should also be doing it.

Desiring social proof is an absolutely natural human phenomenon.

Here’s how it applies to finding the right B2B content marketing agency.

An agency with a good track record will provide various forms of social proof for prospects to feel secure in their choice.

Typically, these include: likes or shares on social media, LinkedIn recommendations, and short written client testimonials.

A great agency? They should also publish video testimonials from clients.

SOCIAL PROOF shows you the right agency to help your business grow.


3. Specialist Knowledge

When choosing a B2B content marketing agency…

You should ask, does the agency have specialist knowledge?

If the answer is yes, this is a GREAT sign.

Here’s 3 reasons why specialisation is good.

  1. It demonstrates that the agency has a passion for your sector and has focused on it intentionally.
  1. They are likely to already have the team and infrastructure in place to meet your needs, and go beyond your expectations.
  1. Specialist agencies can work with you collaboratively to achieve mutual goals.


4. Sound Methodology Delivering Results

B2B content marketing is not as simple as creating great content.

That content needs to be optimised, and distributed effectively.

Even if your content is terrific, it needs proper promotion.

The right B2B marketing agency will use social media and SEO effectively to promote your blog.

Sound easy?

Think again.

Optimising content requires a knowledge of: imagery creation, descriptive titles, meta descriptions, social media platform USPs, and long tail keywords.

And that’s not all.

Effective SEO and social media strategy tactics are changing all the time.

That’s where a B2B content marketing agency can help your business.

While we keep up-to-date with the marketplace, we let you focus on the important stuff.

A good agency will employ sound methodologies for delivering results.

Ultimately, generating leads and driving sales for your business to help it grow.

And that’s exactly what we do.

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