5 lessons for entrepreneurs from Manchester City Football Club.

5 lessons for entrepreneurs from Manchester City Football Club.

If you live in the UK it will not have escaped your notice that after a long and close run race Manchester City won the premiership crown narrowly beating Liverpool with a victory over West Ham on the final day. While most business owners and entrepreneurs will lack the resources of Sheik Mansour , the Abu Dhabi based owner of Manchester City there are still clear lessons that business owners can learn from the newly crowned premiership champions.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Manchester City Football Club

1. Never give up
Business owners will face a number of challenges and failures along their journey and the easiest thing to do it to quit. That is what most people do when faced with uncomfortable situations. It requires more heart and courage to keep on giving your all when all is seemingly lost or at least the success you crave appears impossible. Most successful entrepreneurs have experienced a large number of failures but they did not quit.

2. Don’t worry about your competitors
Ultimately you cannot control what your competitors do. They are free to plan and execute their strategy to the best of their ability as you are too. Focus on your core strengths and you will perform at your best just as a successful team must do.

3. Give everyone on your team a chance to shine
You may think that you know who your company’s star performers are but will be surprised. Once your company is performing at its optimum level you will see the equivalent of your Edin Dzeko, Martín Demichelis and Fernando Luiz Roza (Fernandinho) rise to the occasion.

4. Focus on building a legacy
While the achievement of your next milestone should be celebrated it is not the end goal. You should be on a path towards creating an entity that can continue without your direct involvement. To do this you will need the right strategy and focus as well as the team to get you there.

5. Deliver Social Impact
There is justifiably a lot of discussion around the need to deliver good business or business that does good as well as creating a profit. There are over 70, 000 social enterprises in the UK. You should participate in initiatives where your company can create positive social impact within the community that you are located. Manchester City achieve this via their City in the Community scheme. The scheme delivers a wide range of programmes across 5 main themes: Skills and Enterprise, Health and Activity, Football and multi sports, Disability Sports and Community Cohesion. You can read more about it here http://www.mcfc.co.uk/Community/Manchester-programmes

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