B2B Content: Are you Playing to Your Strengths?

B2B Content: Are you Playing to Your Strengths?

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In most B2B organisations there is not a role allocated for a B2B content marketing specialist. There will normally be roles designated as marketing manager or marketing executive. This is understandable given that some organisations only adopted Content Marketing in the last few years. Unfortunately a lack of B2B content marketing specialists has often led to marketing managers being given the responsibility to plan and execute Content Marketing.

B2B Content

Content Marketing is a specialist discipline. Even though it is now broadly understood as a discipline for B2B sectors, executing a successful Content Marketing Plan is not straightforward. For example, if the quality of the blog writing drops or the headlines and images used become predictable it is not the strategy that is at fault but the execution. The impact will be fewer visits to the company website, a decrease in new leads and enquiries and less engagement on Social Media platforms.

This scenario is very common, busy marketing staff are asked to run the company’s Social Media platforms and create regular unique content for the company’s blog. This is usually a financially motivated decision designed to keep external costs down and rarely to leads to great content. The skill set required to be a competent marketing manager is very different to the skill set necessary to consistently create imaginative content that resonates with your prospective customers and increases leads and sales. Companies would not expect marketing managers to produce professional photography and yet they expect them to create good content.

How to Play to Your Strengths

In this context hiring a content marketing agency or specialist will allow you to play to your strengths. The designated agency or specialist will ensure that your content marketing plan is well executed and delivers results. Your staff will be able to focus on your core business.

B2B Content Marketing Agency London

Marketing Fundamentals Ltd is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London that creates Content and manages Social Media for Professional Services firms.  We can help you play to your strengths.

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