Entrepreneurs – Batteries not included – 5 ways to power your business forward each week

Entrepreneurs – Batteries not included – 5 ways to power your business forward each week

As an entrepreneur or business owner you are responsible for every aspect of your business not just those that you are most comfortable with. Business development – the process of selling your goods or services should be constant. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have acquired some new customers recently or because your sales pipeline looks healthy that you should stop. Remember that too much work is a good ‘problem’ to have and that upsizing is preferable to downsizing. Below are five easy ways to power your business forward each week.

Grow Your Business – 5 ways to power your business forward

1. Network

There are many benefits to networking on a regular basis. Through attending good networking events you will have the opportunity to meet potential customers, business partners, staff, investors, mentors plus benefit from the chance to interact with like-minded individuals and revel in the positive atmosphere and be inspired. It will come as no surprise to you that we are big fans of networking.

2. Mentor

You have your business plan and you are executing it or perhaps pivoting into a new direction. Who do you turn to run ideas past and discuss future plans? It’s probably not your bank manager and friends and family will usually be less critical than an independent person. All business owners should have a mentor. It doesn’t have to be someone from an expensive mentoring programme it could be an informal relationship with someone who has a lot of business experience or is proficient in a specialism that you lack. Meet or speak with your mentor each week.

3. Market Research

What do your customers want from you next? You don’t know? Have you asked them? Market research does not have to be expensive and yet many, many businesses that we come into contact with are not doing enough of it. It’s the quickest way to gain insight from your existing and prospective customers/clients. Create a feedback or market research form and start using it today.

4. Brainstorm

We appreciate that most of you are probably too busy working in the business to work on the business. This is completely understandable but where are the new ideas going to come from? Who is planning for the future of the business? Get into the practice of holding a weekly ideas meeting with your staff if you have any. The flow of suggestions and ideas will energise your business and that’s even before you have implemented any of the new ideas! To read more on how to foster more innovation click here

5. Self development / training

Are you still trading off the skills that you acquired before you set up your business? When was the last time that you invested in yourself? Self-development and training should definitely be integrated into your plan for the business. If you don’t have anything in your diary that ticks this box – do something about it today.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of methods to power your business forward – we would be happy to explore specific opportunities for your business so give us a call on +44 (0) 845 226247 or drop us an email via mail@marketingfundamentals.com. Also check out our blog how big thinking help to grow your business?

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