Entrepreneurs – How is 2013 looking for you? 5 suggestions for your 2013 marketing plan

Entrepreneurs – How is 2013 looking for you? 5 suggestions for your 2013 marketing plan

We don’t expect you to have a crystal ball or a time machine but it is incumbent on you as entrepreneurs and business owners to create and update your business objectives and strategy for the next 12 months. Traditionally large blue chip companies will complete a detailed brand planning process in Q3 or Q4. This would be an intensive period of planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of completed marketing activities.

We have created a programme that achieves the same for small businesses and entrepreneurs with nascent businesses. Please contact us for further details. The key focus being what are your objectives and how do you intend to achieve them?

Failing to plan is the equivalent of starting to drive without knowing where you are going.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to incorporate into your marketing plan for next year.

1. M Commerce – Depending on your industry sector you may need to do more to accommodate growing levels of M-Commerce. Ultimately the benefit is convenience for your customers.

2. Better database communications
– The monthly newsletter is dead – long live more segmented communications delivering more value.

3. Private social networks – Look for opportunities to join private social networks that offer the opportunity to achieve more traction with potential partners and customers than their more famous counterparts.

4. New products and services – Don’t expect to achieve success or stay successful with exactly the same products and services that you had last year. Regularly evaluate customer needs through market research & feedback and innovate for success.

5. Get more PR – Good PR coverage has been the passport to growth for many companies. Do everything you can to establish relationships with the appropriate journalists directly or through an agent.

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