SME Owners – 25 ways to get more customers

SME Owners – 25 ways to get more customers

 If any business is to survive and prosper it will need a steady flow of customers. Here is a quick check-list of techniques you can put into use this week to help develop your business and expand your customer base.

How to get more customers ?  25 Ways for your Business

Write Stuff

1. Start a newsletter

2. Write a blog and update on a regular basis

3. Showcase recent work in email newsletters to prospective clients/customers

4. Write an article on one of the major issues of your industry

5. Start a Facebook page, update regularly and promote your website

6. Comment on prominent blogs to draw people back to your website

7. Write an eBook or Report for your target market and promote it online.

Blow your own trumpet

8. Send promotional offers specifically to existing clients/customers

9. Make a poster for your client to hang up on their office wall

10. Advertise in a niche industry magazine or trade publication

11. List yourself in business directories or the Yellow Pages

12. Take out an ad out in a local newspaper

13. Run a prize draw which ties into your services

14. Cross promote with other businesses

15. B2B – Build a database of potential customers and cold call them

16. Think of innovative items to mail to lapsed customers/clients and mail them as a reminder of your services

17. Offer to give a seminar to a local business group

Get into the field

18. Hire a demo space and promo team in your local town centre to promote your products and services.

19. Summarise your business into a 20 second pitch that could work well with venture capitalists, prospective business partners, customers and bank managers

20. Participate in a trade show

Expand your network

21. Go to events in your industry

22. Join your local Chamber of Commerce & industry organization – get listed and become involved

23. Socialise and always have your card ready

24. Enlist your family and friends to spread the word about your services

25. Ask your satisfied clients for referrals

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