Business growth – Staffing – 6 tips to attract the right staff without really recruiting

Business growth – Staffing – 6 tips to attract the right staff without really recruiting

For all business owners managing business growth and recruiting the right staff for your team is a critical part of any growth phase.If you are wondering how to recruit right people ? at same time you don’t want to follow conventional routes because that will mean sifting through literally hundreds of CVs and you simply do not have the time or resource to do that. There is another way, of course – below are six tips to help you attract the right staff without following the conventional route. Follow these tips and you will find engaged, motivated and passionate potential team members aligned to your vision. What happens then is up to you.

How to recruit the right people –  6 Tips

1. Guest posts

As you build your following on social media through the distribution of unique content on a regular basis not only do you build traffic to your site but you also create fans of what you are doing. People will be attracted to your company or social enterprise. Use your website’s blog to invite people to write a guest post for your site. The passionate among your audience will want to and will respond.

2. Networking

When networking keep an open brief – you may meet potential customers, partners and of course suitable team members. Enter into open conversations and you will be surprised at the number of potential staff this relaxed approach will yield.

3. Customers

People who consume your products and/ or services on a regular basis could become potential staff. They already have an affinity with your company and a subset of them will be not only brand loyal but brand advocates. Through your database you will have access to them.

4. Social Media Interactions

A lot of people consume your social media output on a regular basis – for many of you this will be daily. Consider those that interact particularly on Twitter and LinkedIn (for business to business companies). This community will include people who could make great team members. Draw them out from the crowd and give them special treatment.

5. Personal Referrals

Personal referrals will come via your network and can potentially a great source of staff and uniquely they each come with the personal guarantee of the referrer.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has retained its usefulness and remains a good source of potential people you could know through it’s use of personal data that you provide – more so than Facebook. It is a two way interaction and often people who are attracted to you, your company or enterprise will reach out to you.

Once you have your potential team members it’s up to you to construct an interview and recruitment process that works well your sector, business model and meets the expectations and legal requirements of the territory in which you are operational.

We hope you find these methods useful and that you are able to build a quality team. If you would like our help implementing this stealth recruitment strategy or with anything else give us a call on +44 (0) 845 2264 247 or drop us an email via – We look forward to hearing from you.We are a leading Content Marketing agency in London.

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