The Importance of Exhibitions in the Digital Age

The Importance of Exhibitions in the Digital Age

For the large majority of businesses, most marketing activity now happens in the digital world, whether it’s content creation and distribution, pay per click, banner advertising, search engine optimisation or something else. For ecommerce businesses in particular, it’s so easy to track and measure how well your marketing activities are doing- this is why people have moved away from more traditional methods in some sectors. Despite this, it’s unlikely that traditional forms of advertising and marketing will ever truly go away, and exhibitions in particular are as strong as ever, most specifically in the B2B sector. Here are some of the main reasons why, if you’re in the right industry, you should be attending and exhibiting at events.

It’s Personal

No matter how personal you try to make your online experience, it can never be the same as meeting someone face to face. In B2B, this can count for a lot, because when you’re counting on another business in order to fulfil your own contracts, you have to be really confident that they can do the job. Exhibitions are often a time when all of your customers and partners will be in one place, which makes it a great time to book in lots of meetings and get to know their requirements. It’s also a good time to profile the people that are there – after all, they are the ones that you need to be targeting.

It’s Impressive

Modern websites with responsive design are certainly fantastic branding assets, but there’s certainly something to be said for actually seeing something physical. Top companies will go all out at exhibitions to really impress their customers and to show that they’re the top dogs at that event. Stands often get larger, more impressive and more technically difficult year by year. There are examples provided by temporary structure specialists Neptunus that show just what can be possible when designing a stand.

It’s Real

There’s no better way of selling a product than allowing your customer to see it in reality. Sometimes pictures and videos can’t do it justice, especially if a demonstration is in order. Many major B2B companies will use events as a time to welcome and book in their customers and show them their product offerings. Again, everyone will be together, so there’s no better time to showcase what you’ve got, especially to businesses that aren’t necessarily searching for what you offer online.

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