Business owners – Is summer a slow time for you? 12 things you should do now

Business owners – Is summer a slow time for you? 12 things you should do now

For many businesses summer time is a slow period – staff are taking holidays, customers are focused on spending quality time with loved ones rather than your products or services and the weather is good – even in the UK.

Automatically there is a tendency for many businesses to slow down but this is a great opportunity to steal a march on your competitors and improve the performance of your business. How?Below are 12 things you should do now.

Improving Business Performance – 12 Things to do this summer

1. Reconnect with lapsed customers/ and re-validate old email addresses

2. Make design changes to your website/ update your logo an branding assets

3. Staff team building days / catch up on staff appraisals

4. Re-evaluate your pricing strategy and range of products or services offered

5. Continue to blog and be present on relevant Social Media platforms

6. Update financial forecasts

7. Progress joint venture / partnership opportunities

8. Gently chase clients or customers for testimonials – written and video versions

9. Take steps to adapt/ company rules to allow flexible working as much as possible – will produce a more committed and engaged workforce

10. Debtors – If you have them chase all debtors in a structured way

11. Assess company performance against objectives set out for the year in January

12. Look again at your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) figures

Working through this list will be prove to be productive and will give you a great platform to have an excellent Q4.

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