SME Owners – Is no one reading your business blog? 10 tips to get more readers

SME Owners – Is no one reading your business blog? 10 tips to get more readers

Blogging is not just important for establishing credibility in your niche and improving your search results it can also actually draw prospects into your sales funnel and enable you to have a larger marketing ‘footprint’ than you would have otherwise.

We understand that not everyone is a natural born blogger; so what do you do if no-one is reading or commenting on your blog? Below are ten tips to increase both the number of readers and the interaction they have with your blog.In case your website do not have a blog and check out our guidelines to How to start a blog?

 Increase blog traffic – 10 tips

1. Value added content – There is no substitute for great content in your blog. The starting point should be – Who is our target audience? What problems are they having? How can we help them solve those problems?

2. Planning – Plan a few posts in advance and include topical and seasonal posts. React to major breaking news or events in your niche.

3. Quality of writing – Not everyone is comfortable blogging – recognise whether this is a strength or weakness for you and if necessary draft in a professional copywriter or a content creation company to craft your posts.

4. Interesting / enticing headlines – This seems obvious but there are many well-established blogs who use relatively unimaginative titles and therefore fail to hook potential readers.

5. Limit the self- promotion – Avoid excessive self-promotion either personally or for your company. It’s a big turn off for all readers and within one click they could leave your site.

6. Edit, edit and edit again – If you are passionate about your niche you probably have a lot to say but that does not mean your posts should be long. Keep them short and sharp.

7. Visual impact – Make use of images/videos and bold to highlight key words and phrases. This will make your posts scannable and draw readers in.

8. Recognisable voice – Develop a recognisable voice for your blog and be consistent.

9. Engage with your audience – Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your audience and to ask for feedback.

10. Publish guest posts – Invite another blogger to write a post for you –you gain free content plus possible traffic from the guest blogger’s audience.

We hope you found this information useful and that you are able to improve your blog this week.

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