How to be different

How to be different

It’s that time of year when most subtlety or sophistication deserts marketing and is replaced with blatant sales messages which often no longer engage with the consumer.

We are reminded precisely how many different brands of alcoholic beverage and perfume there are.

There is a lot of extra bonhomie around and traditionally it is time when charities launch campaigns to remind us of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Innovative Marketing Ideas – How to be different?

How do you achieve cut through in the most congested marketing period of the year?

Well, you have to be different in either your execution or your choice of communication platform.

Here’s a brilliant example of a different execution for an everyday product viewed 24 million times on You Tube.

Above are great examples of a different communications platform – two different projections onto the side of buildings.

We hope that during December you find a few moments to consider what being different is for your brand?

To be the same is effectively to waste your money and be lost in the crowd; next year ensure that your company is different in how it operates and how or what it communicates.

Here’s a few companies that are on this path that will inspire you.

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