Entrepreneurs – 4 reasons why you should avoid a ‘matching luggage’ approach to marketing

Entrepreneurs – 4 reasons why you should avoid a ‘matching luggage’ approach to marketing

We are approaching the holiday season in many parts of the world and holidays usually mean luggage; matching luggage creates a much better impression than a varied selection of bags and cases. Many businesses take the same approach to marketing their business – but this is wrong. Your marketing communications should be built on a strong communications platform and you should be clear about your core messages and any representative images but that does not mean that you should just ‘cut and paste’ your image and strapline across all platforms. Below are 4 reasons why you should avoid this approach.

Marketing Communications Tips – 4 Reasons to avoid matching luggage approach

1. It’s boring – You risk boring your target audience rather than engaging them. Consumers will quickly realise, oh these are the guys that have the cute dog picture or whatever and not bother to read all your materials because they have seen it all before.

2. Wasted opportunity – There are a plethora of communications platforms now available and if you simply recreate the same content exactly you are not maximising your opportunities to engage with your audience. Consider the potential of Twitter, Pinterest, Mobile and YouTube and tailor your messaging accordingly.

3. Lack of Differentiation – The images chosen for a matching luggage approach are usually safe and on strategy but do not often push the boundaries. You are unlikely to be distinctive with this approach. Usually with this approach your competitor’s logo could be substituted for yours and the consumer would be none the wiser.

4. Missed revenue opportunities – Whole businesses have been built on a YouTube foundation. Michelle Phan and Ipsy is a great example of this and demonstrates how by being tailored to the platform her content has allowed to create and sustain new revenue opportunities. You will not do this with the ‘matching luggage’ approach.Read our blog content marketing strategy for businesses blog to know more.

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