Start Ups – Embrace PR with our 5 point checklist

Start Ups – Embrace PR with our 5 point checklist

The success of any business is at least partially dependent on the combined effectiveness of different marketing disciplines. In this guest post Jack Shuttlewood extols the virtues of PR and offers 5 tips for effective implementation.

PR is a way of promoting goodwill and understanding to anyone who the business wants to maintain relationships with. It is a highly effective tool in the process of dealing with media, the public and crisis management for businesses. A well written press release containing information on new products or services with genuine news value can get just the same amount of space in a publication as buying advertising space.

Any business whether start-up or a well established business can benefit from an effective public relations strategy.

Press release checklist

1. Do not saturate the market – by sending too many the press releases to competing publications. If one magazine has already covered the press release then a rival of that publication will not give the press release a second thought.

2. Make sure the Press release isn’t too long. Journalists hate nothing more than seeing a long press release so be concise.

3. Key Quotes – By inputting key quotes on the issue in question in the press release it shows the reader or journalist that the press release may have some value. It also makes the journalists job a bit easier making it more likely that your news will get published.

4. Contact details. Include up to date contact details as a point of reference to the journalist so if they have any issues they can call straight up without having to search for a PR number online.

5. Notes to the editor. This is vital as it provides a brief overview on the company in question not the news story.

We hope that you find these tips useful.

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