Entrepreneurs – How do you Become a Leader in Your Niche? 6 Tips

Entrepreneurs – How do you Become a Leader in Your Niche? 6 Tips

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Most companies are ‘me too’ companies providing a similar range of products or services to their competitors. If you’re an entrepreneur or SME owner being a ‘me too’ company is probably not going to bring you the business success that you crave. How do many companies of a similar size to yours move to a position or leadership? Well, it is certainly not by accident. Below are 6 tips to help you establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

Niche Leadership – 6 Tips

1. Thought leader – Against the Grain

If you want the profile of your company to grow and your number of potential customers to increase you should attempt to provide thought leadership. Post articles about your sector or niche and take different positions to your competitors. Present at seminars and workshops. Actively try to go against the grain – To zig when everyone else is zagging to borrow an often used phrased.

2. Product and/ or Service Offering

Examine the product or service offering of your competitors, now look at yours. Are there really differences? Or is it just a different logo and company name? Standing out is not necessarily about spending lots of money, it’s about being innovative.

3. Communication Tools

Let’s assume you have a regular blog and your readers know that every few days/each week you will publish another post. That is a great position to be in but you must make your blog titles work for you. Create titles to draw in readers and ensure that yours are different to others on the web. To take this point further – if there are already too many posts about a subject leave it well alone and pick something more original.

4. Using Social Media and Networking

Use social media to engage rather than to broadcast your corporate messages and be open and responsive to those who contact you. Network as much as possible as ‘face to face’ networking still trumps everything else.

5. Consistency

Consistency is so important. There’s no point starting a daily blog and then giving it up after 3 weeks. Your target audience needs to become familiar with your company, what you represent and what products or services you offer.

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6. Let your Passion Shine Through

Your passion for your business should shine through in all your communications and those of your staff. It should be infectious and properly channelled will differentiate you from your competitors.

No- one said that business leadership in your niche was going to be easy – the fact that you have read this far means that you are considering it. Execute a niche leadership strategy well and your business will reap the rewards.

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