Professional Services: How Do You Fill Your Sales Funnel?

Professional Services: How Do You Fill Your Sales Funnel?

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Hello everyone. How do you fill your sales funnel? This is a question that perplexes many marketing and sales professionals around the world and not only those providing professional services to businesses. There is no one-size-fits-all solution of course but first let me back track. A sales funnel is a visual representation of the process of generating leads for your business and then converting as many as possible into paying customers.

During the process, leads are ‘qualified’ – the lead or prospect must be in the market for your services and be able to buy them. If you are a marketing professional or business owner who’s remit includes New Business or Sales, today’s blog is for you. I believe that everyone in your company is in New Business or Sales but that’s another blog post. Slightly different format this time. I  had a recent conversation with a prospect who will remain nameless but our conversation threw a spotlight on a problem many professional services firms have. This is an edited version of the conversation.

Fill Your Sales Funnel

Prospect: In my new role I will be responsible for generating new business and I have been given the company’s turnover and revenue targets.

Me: Great. I am sure that you will bring a lot to the role given your experience.

Prospect: Thanks, yes. My 15 years experience means I have a lot of contacts in my black book and I will use my network to set meetings and start building relationships.

Me: Excellent!

Prospect: But my new bosses want companies to find us and contact us rather than us calling them.

Me: Then you need Content Marketing! By delivering value to your prospects in the form of blog posts, video posts, white papers, reports e-books and info-graphics you will build relationships with your leads and prospects.  When they are in the market for your services and are in ‘buying mode’ they will contact you because they have seen the tremendous value in your free content.

Your new bosses are looking for Inbound Marketing which draws leads and prospects into your business rather than ‘old school’ outbound marketing tactics. Content Marketing is essential for success with Inbound Marketing.

Prospect: Great! That’s what your company does, isn’t it?

Me: Yes!

There has been a change in the way that people wish to do business and this represents a huge opportunity for those companies and individuals who embrace Content Marketing for their professional services businesses. We are working with clients who have become trailblazers in their sector; by committing to Content Marketing wholeheartedly and they are seeing rewards in terms of the new leads and sales being generated.

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