SME Owners – B2B – 10 reasons why renting an office will pay for itself

SME Owners – B2B – 10 reasons why renting an office will pay for itself

We enjoy working with business start-ups; two questions we get asked on a regular basis are, is a rented office worth the added expense?

Will it help me market myself more effectively? This post is really our response to these two key questions. Below are 10 reasons why renting an office will pay for itself.


1. If you rent in an office block or business centre your neighbours are likely to be other SMEs – potential customers for your products or services.

2. Existing clients, potential business partners and suppliers will be more likely to visit you in commercial premises – better and more frequent communication will lead to more opportunities.

3. You will pass the due diligence checks that discerning business consumers usually make before purchasing – do they have a permanent commercial sounding address? Do they have a landline phone number and fax?  Is this a team or one person?

4. The profile of your business will increase and so will its potential customer base.

Working Practices

5. You will be more professional – the new commercial location and new monthly cost will keep you focused.

6. You will be able to attract talented people to work for you on a freelance, part-time or permanent basis.

7. Working with others on collaborative projects will be easier to achieve when you have professional meeting room facilities and a commercial space.

8. If you choose a central location for your office this will make networking easier – you will be able to attend events and arrange lunchtime and after work appointments more easily.

9. If you’re an entrepreneur a work/life balance can be hard to master but the beauty of a rented office is it clearly separates work and home.


10. Bank managers, angel investors or venture capitalists will be more likely to take your business proposition seriously and will be more willing to agree to a loan or invest.

Convinced but still worried about adding to your monthly overhead? Rented offices can be secured on 3 month contracts in a lot of cases.

Or start with a virtual office which can be secured from around £150 per month in London and less elsewhere in the UK; when that works out for you move to a rented office.

It could be just what you need to grow your business.

We hope you find this information useful.

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