SME Owners – Is your website not working? – 15 improvements you can make now

SME Owners – Is your website not working? – 15 improvements you can make now

SME owners, do you remember the sense of achievement when your website went live? Do you recall when you became familiar with how to update it from time to time? Professionally delivered your website should be a significant sales channel but for many SMEs it is not.

What can you do if your website is not generating sales? Here are 15 improvements you can make now.


1. Be different to everyone in your niche…review your competitors’ sites… back to your site, are you really different?

Read our post – How to be different – Published on December 4th 2010

2. Visual impact – Have as many relevant images and videos as you can. If your audience wanted to read a book, they would be on their Kindles or in the library etc.

3. Typeface regulation – Be careful not to use too many typefaces, different text colours and text sizes on your website as they detract from the content.

4. Ensure that your site is quick to upload and navigation is clear.

5. Keep it clean – don’t add to many widgets/icons just because you can. Start with what’s essential (Twitter, Facebook, RSS) and then add when necessary.


6. Add emphasis to your call to action – Increase the size or prominence of your phone number, email address or opt in box.

7. Empathise with your target audience rather than talk about your own achievements.

8. Less is more – get to the point more quickly – think quick-fire bullet points.

9. Be passionate about your business, if your heart is in your business – show it!

10. Back up any claim you make with evidence – testimonials, statistics or offer a guarantee

11. Add a twitter feed and blog so that site visitors can build up a vision of the personalities behind the business.

12. Hire a professional copywriter or marketing consultant to improve your website copy for you.

13. Use a content management system (CMS) that enables you to change content every day if you want.

14. Old news is no news – Refresh your copy on a regular basis and not just on the blog page.

15. Optimise your website for SEO. There is user friendly software available at reasonable prices or you could hire a marketing consultancy to do this for you.

If you would like us to make any of these improvements for you give us a call on 0845 2264247 or send us an email via and we will be happy to help.

We hope you find this information useful.

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