Entrepreneurs – Do you know the ten commandments of marketing your start up?

Entrepreneurs – Do you know the ten commandments of marketing your start up?

As a business owner or entrepreneur it’s easy to become swamped with ‘to do’ lists and business objectives. We understand how easy it can be to lose focus and to end up fire fighting rather than working strategically. After financial acumen marketing is arguably the discipline you should pay most attention to. If it is not your core discipline you should invest in experienced external resource. Below we have listed ten commandments of marketing that will help you stay on the path of righteousness.

Ten Commandments of Marketing

1. Understand what you want your brand to stand for and how this will manifest itself.

2. Create a narrow or specific proposition for your target audience and ensure that your proposition to consumers remains clear at all times.

3. Create an effective sales funnel with your messaging and your website.

4. Never stop marketing – big companies do not and they are already well known. You should remain consistent.

5. Be prepared to embrace new communications platforms but remain strategic.

6. Gather feedback and testimonials from day 1. Word of mouth is still golden.

7. Over-deliver against your marketing or customer service promises.

8. Network as often as possible to expand the reach of your start up.

9. Develop strategic partnerships to increase the potential customer base of your start up.

10. Create a culture of innovation at the heart of your start up and communicate this through your marketing.

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