Do Web Visitors Have to Search for Your Blog? (Video)

Do Web Visitors Have to Search for Your Blog? (Video)

By Mike Pitt. Mike Pitt, Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd discusses the need for your business blog to be in a easily accessible place online ideally on your home page navigation . In this video he discusses a number of companies active in Professional Services and the positioning of their blog on their website.

Are you asking your web visitors to search for your blog?
How many clicks are you asking them to make before they can read your fresh Content? Ideally your blog should be accessible at the top level navigation of your website. You are competing for the attention of your target audience so you should make it very easy for them to find your latest posts.

Why is this important?
Your blog together with your ‘About Us’ page are two of the most visited pages on most websites. Visitors view these pages before they make an assessment of your company and organisation and decide whether they can trust you. Building up trust is a necessary precursor to establishing a relationships and business is dependent on relationships.

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