How Long Does Content Marketing Take to Work?

How Long Does Content Marketing Take to Work?

Hello everyone. We live in an impatient world where immediate gratification is all around us. Don’t want to watch the pre roll ad that is appearing on You Tube before your selected video? You can skip that in 5 seconds. That must-have New Business Guide? You can download that now. It is in this environment that I am often asked,” How long does Content Marketing take to work?” It’s a good question and before I give an answer I want to restate the primary objective of Content Marketing for your Professional Services Firm or B2B Business. That is to generate a rapport and relationship with your leads and prospects and then to create enquiries and sales. This is achieved is by delivering value added Content on a consistent basis. Value added Content helps your potential customers or clients solve problems they are facing now which builds trust in your company.

Building Up Trust

Building trust in business as in life cannot be done overnight. Unfortunately many of us have encountered people who have not delivered all they promised. For more information on How Do You Build Trust in Your Company? Click here.


Content Marketing: The Good News

The good news is that Content Marketing will build up trust and generate new leads and customers in twelve months. That means 12 months of weekly blog posts and daily Social Media Marketing activity will deliver new leads and enquiries. You should commit to Content Marketing for at least 12 months to maximise your return on investment. In the business sectors that we work in on behalf of our clients, the return on investment can be very healthy with new customer contracts worth millions of pounds in some cases. Of course this will depend on the sector or niche that you are in. There is a great opportunity for you to reap the rewards of a successful Content Marketing Strategy because many of your competitors are not consistent or are focusing on the wrong Social Media platforms.

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