What is a guest blog post? …Here’s what it is not.

What is a guest blog post? …Here’s what it is not.

Let me tell you a short story. Recently we were approached by a person wanting to submit a guest post. We gave this person feedback in order that her proposed content would be of interest to our readership. Changes duly made the draft was resubmitted and published.

Later this person came back to us and explained that they wanted the post to be an advertisement for their client. Obviously we cannot run advertisements via the back door for this company’s clients in our blog. The options presented to this person were to run to a piece that retained editorial integrity or for them to purchase a paid for post. All of this highlights the fact that many do not understand what constitutes a guest post on a blog. Here’s what it is not.

* A guest post is not an advertisement for a company.

* A guest post is not reason to abandon normal editorial guidelines in order to mention a company.

So what is a guest post?

* A guest post provides readers of a blog with value added content in the same way that the regular posts do. The only difference being that the guest post is written by a guest author.


A good guest post delivering great content will drive people to the guest author’s website link and establish a useful backlink or ‘traffic source’ to use Google Analytics terminology. It will also build the reputation and profile of the guest author.

We are still happy to receive guest post submissions providing they deliver value added content – this could relate to some new innovative technology or range of services. It is possible to secure a link to a company or individual providing it is relevant and of interest to our audience.

Feel free to contact us via mail@marketingfundamentals.com with your guest post or give us a call on +44 (0) 845 2264 247 to discuss this or any aspect of your marketing requirements.

We hope you have found this information useful.

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