What is Our Approach?

What is Our Approach?

Content Marketing has reached the maturity stage in the UK, which means that the majority of B2B companies that we meet with here and internationally have a general understanding of what Content Marketing is now. We no longer have to behave as Content Marketing evangelists as we did when Marketing Fundamentals Ltd was founded in 2010. Market maturity also means that there are quite a few other companies in the marketplace offering Content Marketing and Social Media management services. We have an abundance mindset and welcome healthy competition; furthermore we have come to appreciate that others have their own way of doing things. As far we can tell, our approach is different and I will explain why.

Our Approach

We work with best of breed companies that are exceptional at what they do but unfortunately for them their profile does not match their levels of service or the plaudits they regularly receive from their existing clients. These businesses want to grow their customer base. Our primary objective for these businesses is the building of new long-term relationships for them and our conduit is content. From these relationships will come new leads and sales. We take a qualitative approach to content creation, in most cases it will be the same person writing your corporate blog posts week in and week out. The benefit of this is that we really get to understand your business not just on a superficial level but also the subtleties and nuances.

This means that we are easily able to cross reference earlier posts and to perform efficiently as part of your team. The posts that we write for you deliver value to your audience. We work collaboratively with you and will integrate relevant company news and updates into your Content Calendar. Our Social Media strategies follow a similar qualitative approach, we use the appropriate platforms to boost engagement and generate new leads and sales for your business. We have taken Paul Graham’s words to heart.

‘Do things that don’t scale.’ – Paul Graham, Founder of Y Combinator

I think for this reason we will never become a monolithic agency. We strongly value our relationships with our clients and provide wonderful service for them. We are not in relentless pursuit of more clients. We enjoy working with our clients and building new relationships for them. Our clients are active in high value markets including construction, architecture, engineering and property development to name a few. These are sectors in which we can deliver the most value.

Delivering Results

A new project secured via Content Marketing and Social Media activity in these sectors can mean millions of pounds of additional revenue and a ROI of several thousand per cent. This is not hypothetical; we have delivered new sales of this magnitude. We even helped one of our clients get acquired by a multinational company by raising their profile and visibility in their industry over the course of two years. This is not something we can guarantee for everyone, of course.

We are grateful to work with companies and organisations that recognise the value that we bring and are prepared to compensate us appropriately for the positive impact we can have on their bottom line. Would you like to increase your company’s visibility and generate new sales? If what I have written has resonated with you and you would like to work with us contact me to arrange a meeting. I will be happy to hear from you. If you have enjoyed this post you will also like, What do we do at Marketing Fundamentals Ltd?

B2B Content Marketing Agency London

Marketing Fundamentals Ltd is a B2B Content Marketing Agency. We create content that builds relationships with your potential customers and generates leads and sales via your website, YouTube channel and Social Media platforms. If you would like our help creating and executing a Content Marketing Plan for your business or organisation email us via mail@marketingfundamentals.com . We would also love to read your thoughts in the comments section below.

Best regards,

Mike Pitt

Founder & CEO, Marketing Fundamentals Ltd, Blogger, Content Creator. More about me here .

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