Which Social Media Platforms do we no Longer Use?

Which Social Media Platforms do we no Longer Use?

The social media landscape changes frequently. Social Media platforms come and go. Some of you reading this post will remember Vine the 6 second video app and there will be others who have no knowledge of it. We regularly assess social media platforms in terms of return on investment to ensure that we are using those that are most beneficial to our B2B clients. In today’s post I have listed xx Social Media platforms that we no longer use.

Social Media Platforms


A few years ago Pinterest was considered one of the ‘big five’ Social Media platforms. The others making up that list at that time were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. A key metric for social media platforms is the number of monthly active users. In September 2015 Pinterest had 100 million monthly active users*. By September  2017 it had only grown to 200 million monthly active users. In contrast Instagram had reached 700 million monthly active users by September 2017. Pinterest had lost the battle to be the dominant photography based social media platform.

March 2018 Update  – I will create a new post on Pinterest. My opinion of the  platform has completely changed and I will explain why soon. 


From a B2B perspective Snapchat is not the right platform for our clients. We recognise that many people are strong advocates of the platform, Gary Vaynerchuk being perhaps the most famous in a business context. We have not and do not recommend Snapchat to our clients. My views on the platform are summarised in this post,  Snapchat Don’t Believe the Hype . We have not seen any evidence from our tracking of target audience behaviours to suggest that we need to reconsider. It is also worth noting that Instagram has been able to replicate most of the key features of Snapchat making it less distinctive. Even LinkedIn is experimenting with GeoFilters.

Many of you would also add Google + to this list but we still recommend it for the reasons articulated in this post, Do I still use Google+ ?

What are your thoughts, do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments section below.

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