B2B: What Should you be Doing Now?

B2B: What Should you be Doing Now?

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In this video, Mike Pitt discusses, B2B: What Should you be Doing? This video will be of interest to business owners, B2B marketing managers, Content Marketing professionals, Social Media Managers and others who use Social Media to promote their businesses.

What Should you be Doing?

If you are a B2B business owner or responsible for marketing at a B2B company I can guarantee that your plans for the year 2020 will have changed; we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns introduced around the world have meant that the way B2B businesses do business has had to change.

The ‘new normal’ is working from home and video interactions with clients and partners rather than face to face meetings. For those businesses that had already heavily invested in Content Marketing the transition is a little easier, if you have created workflows to publish regular content on your company’s blog, YouTube and Social channels, this can continue. What should you be doing now? More of your prospects are consuming content now so double down on your content creation to take advantage of the opportunity. In this video, I describe what this might look in practical terms.

Content Creation

Over 100 countries around the world have put their citizens into a ‘lockdown’ restricting their freedom of movement as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a huge opportunity for content creators because we now have a captive audience eager to consume our content. When they take time to consider their business, your prospects still have business problems that you can solve. Tell them how to solve their business problems in your fresh weekly written content on your blog and in videos on your YouTube channel.

In this video, I discuss the creation of a content calendar and how this will benefit you during this global pandemic and lockdown period.

Take Action

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with more of your prospects right now? What plans have you made to increase your content creation during this global pandemic? Let me know that in the comments section below.


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