5 Copywriting Tips for Your Content Marketing Strategy

5 Copywriting Tips for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is no longer just about pushing sales, but about providing value to your prospects even before they have made an enquiry. In other words, it’s the content marketing strategy that holds prime magnitude in how sales and revenue would look like. The challenge is how you can get the right copywriting that works for the planned content marketing campaign. Here are 5 tips that can ease the task for your team, and simplify what should be expected of your copywriters.

5 Copywriting Tips for Your Content Marketing Strategy

1.     Do keep the engagement active

This is probably where the concept of problem-agitate-solve (PAS) idea comes in the picture. Bland lines don’t yield any benefits anymore, mainly because your reader already knows that the first portion of the article is of no substance. Have a nice question based approach to the entire content. This can help build interest in your article.

2.     Make those headlines merit attention

Usually, most of us are concerned with the headlines, so if the copywriting is planned around crisp headings, half of the battle is won. At the end of the day, every reader checks the heading and decides on whether the content is worth attention and requires a further read. The idea is to get them engrossed in the first element, so that he/she is excited and keen to know more.

3.     Don’t steer clear of the solutions and answers

If you have problem-agitate-solve (PAS) technique to write up a content or blog, ensure that the readers have found their solutions in the writing. A common ground for all readers is probably the toughest thing for any copywriter, but that’s where the creativity lies. Resolving, understanding, giving grounds and offering palatable solutions for every question asked is probably the best way to please readers. Of course most of it should to be done in a practical way.

4.     Keep the content readable

Copywriting is not just about crisp content, but more about value oriented and readable blogs and articles. When your team is deciding on the content marketing strategy, bring in elements that can make the entire blog or website more practical. In short, just writing a story isn’t enough; it should be presented with right glamour and value to engross readers for the longest time. Since it is never about one story or blog in content marketing strategy, every write-up should focus on readability and unadulterated presentation.

5.     Don’t skip the right conclusion

Content without an engaging conclusion is like a story that ends without notice. Most copywriters miss on the elements of conclusion, which include asking further questions and giving a hint of more information. Usually readers would read and forget about a post, unless it offers them a reason to come back. Another PAS approach can work, but most expert copywriters would like to take the present post to engage with the next one for better sequential writing.

When you are not sure of what to expect from content marketing, it is best to hire a specialized agency. The roles of a content marketing agency are way more convoluted, than what your internal team can deliver. Balancing is what makes a strategic campaign work.

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