How Often Are Your Team Trained to Use Social Media?

How Often Are Your Team Trained to Use Social Media?

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Social Media has been a part of how we communicate with each other as individuals and as organisations for a long time now. Many people think of the creation of Facebook as the start of the Social Media revolution but as this timeline shows there were many social media platforms before Facebook. The Social Media landscape is a fast moving one, change is constant.

In business generally, companies come and go and in Social Media, platforms come and go. Relatively few people are using My Space now ( yes, it still exists) or Friends Reunited.  In this context, it is surprising that many companies go to the trouble of giving their staff some Social Media training but then do not keep these skills updated by re-training their staff. As someone who uses Social Media for business on a daily basis, I am aware of many of the changes made to Social Media platforms and I make a conscious attempt to keep myself updated.

Social Media Training

The first time your team were trained on Social Media, you probably included all the basic functionality aspects including, how to tweet and how to use the LinkedIn Publishing platform etc. Fortunately, when you re-train your staff or create training updates you do not have to revisit functionality, in most cases basic functionality remains the same. This allows for more focused sessions highlighting changes to a particular platform or a new feature that has potential for your business.

A great example of this is provided by IGTV.  On June 2oth 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, this has given all Instagram users the ability to upload long form vertical video content; significantly this content can be uploaded from a desktop as well as your phone. IGTV is similar to the early days of YouTube, but with vertical video rather than horizontal. This is a great opportunity for those businesses and organisations prepared to embrace it. Most businesses that I have spoken to either were not aware of IGTV or do not yet have a strategic response to the opportunity.

How Can We Help You?

I have delivered Content Marketing & Social Media Training Days and Social Media Training Updates to businesses and I could do the same for your team, either in person or via a live-stream. To read more about training that I have delivered in the past please click here.

Here’s what people have said about the workshops and training days.

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