Professional Services: How Do You Build Trust in Your Company ? 5 ways

Professional Services: How Do You Build Trust in Your Company ? 5 ways

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Professional Services companies need to build trust in the minds of their leads and prospects. In business sectors where deals and contracts can be literally worth millions of pounds or dollars it is vital that your prospective and existing customers trust your company. I am reminded of the words attributed to Mark Twain, “People do business with those they know like and trust.” This is absolutely true in my experience. Without trust there will be no foundation for a relationship and relationships are key to achieving success in business. So, how do you build up trust in your Professional Services Firm? Below are five ways.

Build Trust in Your Company

1. Website – About Us

A lot of companies make the mistake of having fairly vague ‘About Us’ pages which either don’t list anyone’s names and photos or are filled with stock photos of people who appear regularly in Google search results but do not work for you. It’s okay to not be a huge multinational company with offices around the world but be authentic and make it clear who is in the company. People do business with people rather than companies.

2. Exceptional Service Standards

If you are delivering Professional Services to a B2B audience more than likely you will have a number of competitors. To differentiate yourself you must provide exemplary service. In some of the world’s top hotels there is a concept of ‘7 star service’. Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah in the UAE is one such hotel. This is a good frame of reference because it demonstrates that you must deliver a clearly higher level of service than your competitors.

3. Social Proof

Social Proof also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour for a given situation. In business terms, If visitors to your site can see evidence of people who have used your products and services talking favourably about them and this is reinforced by mentions on Social Media platforms they will be more likely to trust you and then to buy from you. Collect video and written testimonials from past and current customers and integrate them into your marketing materials and onto your website.

4. Longevity

By remaining operational and profitable over a long period of time you will build trust in the minds of your target audience. Simply ‘staying in the game’ presents you in a positive light because many companies and organisations do not survive and never achieve longevity.

5. Accessibility

Being open and accessible is also another way of building trust with your leads and prospects. Have clear contact details on your website, host webinars, live networking events, workshops and Google hangouts. Give your audience lots of opportunities for them to get a better understanding of your company and to connect with you. Be diligent in responding to queries, comments on Social Media or via email. Each customer contact is a chance to build your reputation and trust in your company.

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