What is Inbound Marketing? Does my business need Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing? Does my business need Inbound Marketing?

Online business marketing has never been more powerful than it is now, largely due to strategies that are breaking the mould of conventional marketing. Before going into the details of what is inbound marketing, it is good to start with why your business needs it. Most of the outbound/regular marketing techniques are aimed at a section of the audience, and hence, the result is endless leads with limited prospects. Inbound marketing changes that scenario.

What is Inbound Marketing ?

Unlike outbound marketing that aims at getting leads and audiences from different zones, inbound marketing is more about targeted approach. The idea is to get the attention of the prospect, and for that, there is no hard selling. The techniques and strategies used for inbound marketing is varied and often poles apart from conventional marketing. Irrespective of whether it’s for a B2B model or a B2C business, inbound marketing works for one and all, with results that are much more scalable. Still wondering on whether your company needs inbound marketing? Check the reasons for more valid consideration.

  1. Skip Volume, Focus on Actual Prospects

Yes, that’s what inbound marketing does for your business. While outbound advertising and marketing campaigns work in getting huge leads, inbound strategies work by looking for prospects who are interested in similar products or services such as your business. This makes the campaign way more targeted, saves you from push-selling and the ROI is better.

  1. Develop relationships better

In a world where most people and businesses are blocking ads and filtering marketing content, inbound strategies hold much more relevance. Whoever comes to your business on their own are the ones who are genuinely eager to share their details, instead of you running behind them. In short, inbound techniques are more about relations that arise from genuine business concern, instead of being forced.

  1. Educate, not advertise

Gone are the times when a sale was all about pushing unwanted ads. Today, businesses and customers look forward to those ventures that are willing to focus on content over advertisements. It makes sense to educate prospects and offer them information in a more authentic way than making every marketing effort look like sales pitch.

  1. More methods, more reach

This should alone be the reason to invest in inbound marketing. Outbound techniques are all about pushing the sales, and therefore, when you create an ad, you either make an impact or you don’t. Inbound techniques work the other way around, offering multiple ways to reach the audiences. Starting from social media, blogs, whitepapers, e-books, seminars, and podcasts to photos and videos, there are ample choices to get people interested in a genuine way.

  1. Scalable and measurable

Most conventional marketing efforts remain unmeasured, because you actually don’t know where the customers/businesses are coming from. On the other hand, inbound marketing is targeting prospects who are interested, making it easy to scale things and to find improved ROI in real sense.

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