What is Qzzr?

What is Qzzr?

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2018 Update

Qzzr no longer offers a free service but they do offer a free 14 day trial. There is also another company called Riddle Quiz Maker who also offer a free 14 day trial.    There is no credit card required for the Riddle Quiz Maker trial. 

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Qzzr is an online tool that allows you to create quizzes quickly, post them anywhere on the web, view on any device, and easily track your results. The company was founded in 2013 by Americans, Josh Little and Bucky Flowers who were driven to create an easy-to-use web tool that allowed its users to create beautiful, ‘shareable’ quizzes. Before founding Qzzr, Little founded and exited several companies, including Maestro and Bloomfire. He claims that his “greatest asset to a venture is my ability to create magic in the first 12-18 months.” His partner-in-arms, Flowers, is passionate about user experience and draws upon his background in Psychology to make seamless UIs. What resulted was a great product with an easy-to-use interface which has attracted the likes of  Yahoo!, ESPN, Mashable, Reddit and Entrepreneur.com.

Qzzr’s Value for Marketers

  • Create Quizzes Quickly – Qzzr’s best feature has to be its simple interface. The platform allows you to customise your quiz, change your background and embed your quiz on your site effortlessly. It even allows you to upload .gifs or images for individual responses to your questions to make your quiz more visually engaging. Within an hour, you could have your first quiz embedded on your site today.
  • Re-purpose Old Content – One great thing about producing a quiz is that you can re-purpose your existing content to create it. By its nature, a quiz is a marketing tool which is predicated on knowledge you already have. To prevent plagiarism in your text please use this link .

Quiz Tip 1: If you’ve created any checklists in the past, such as our 10 Successful Blog Post Title Ideas blog piece, then why not create a quiz that uses these tips as your launch point? Using our title as an example, you could make a quiz – How Engaging Are Your Blog Post Titles? Take the Quiz. By re-fashioning content that you already have, Qzzr is a great tool to freshen up existing content. It also allows you to uncover which areas your perspective leads need help in based on the questions that they get incorrect. This is a great way to generate targeted ideas for future posts which you know will bring value to your prospects.

  • Sharability – According to recent data published by BuzzSumo, on average quizzes get shared 1,900 times. That’s significantly higher than what you can expect for infographics or long-form written content. Quizzes also typically take less time to create due to the lack of research needed. The benefit of increasing your content’s reach for the relatively small amount of time needed to create a quiz makes Qzzr a tool with an excellent ROI for marketers.

Quiz Tip 2: For graded quizzes which calculate how many answers someone gets correct, almost 80% of shares typically come from people who scored in the top 20%, oppose to only 12% of shares which come from scores of 69% and below. If your objective for your quiz is to increase your content’s reach then I suggest making a graded quiz which is easy to ace.

Low scores means low shares and nobody wins. It is an important aspect of content marketing that you should always be thinking about the next step for your prospect. If they get a high score, they will think that they are clever enough to download your white paper on that topic, and so on. Alternatively, your objective might be to drive traffic to your website. In that instance, make sure you spend a few minutes making an engaging title which is likely to make people want to click on your link. When making you quiz, ensure that you always have your end goal in mind.

  • Follow-Up On Your Leads – Another great feature of Qzzr is that by making use of its paid service you can generate valuable leads. This is useful because it enables marketers to follow up on their prospects in an informed way. Sideshow Collectibles used this feature to generate over $75, 000 USD with their Which Star Wars Bounty Hunter Are You? quiz by creating a custom call-to-action upon completion which included a link to a discount on the relevant action figure in their store. This strategy can be easily utilised by B2B companies. If someone scores over 80% on your quiz, you could link them to your lead generating freemium offer on your website, such as a .pdf or white paper.
  • Create Custom Calls-to-Action – Qzzr’s paid service allows you to capture a prospect’s e-mail, which is valuable for sharing your future content with them. You can also create custom calls-to-action to send someone to a landing page. This is an easy and effective way for you to drive likes or followers to your social media accounts.

Last week, we published a Qzzr quiz – Are You a Twitter Expert?  Why not take two minutes to get a feel for the platform and see how easily Qzzr can be embedded into your site and content marketing strategy.

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