Boost Your Search Rankings With YouTube

Boost Your Search Rankings With YouTube
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Many B2B companies that we meet with are reluctant to embrace YouTube. They can appreciate that a large proportion of their target audience like to consume video content but the prospect of making regular videos puts them off. The situation is compounded by the fact that many video production companies and agencies do not know how to run a successful YouTube channel that drives leads to their clients’ businesses. YouTube is not an easy skill to master but it is worth working with a company that understands YouTube or hiring someone with YouTube capabilities.

Boosting Search Rankings

YouTube is owned by Google of course, the largest search engine in the world; Google accounts for 84.91 % of search engine traffic in the UK. There are hundreds of variables that have an impact on the Google search algorithm and understandably Google does not publicise them all. However, what is clear and indisputable is the fact that creating regular video content of interest to your target audience will improve your search engine rankings. Regular fresh written content and the addition of quality backlinks will have the same effect.


Put yourself in the position of your target audience; what problems are they struggling with? What are they likely to search for on Google? Let me give you an example, If my company was targeting law firms as potential clients we might create a video entitled,  ‘How to increase web traffic to your Law Firm website.‘ Notice how this is very specific; this is a long tail keyword. When we upload this video to YouTube it will start to rank on Google and on YouTube for the long tail keyword. When marketing managers from law firms are searching for answers to their problem, ‘How to increase web traffic to your Law Firm website’ our video will appear in the search results.

There are some details around video SEO on YouTube that I won’t go into here, but in essence that is how it can work for you. The opportunity to rank strongly within your niche exists because of the reluctance of your competitors to execute a video content strategy.

We can create video content for you and manage your YouTube channel. If you’d like to discuss please email me to start the conversation. 

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