How to Listen to my Audiobook For Free

How to Listen to my Audiobook For Free

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Listen to my audiobook for free here

This video is called, How to Listen to my Audiobook For Free By Mike Pitt.  Subscribe to the channel here. Mike Pitt is the Founder of Marketing Fundamentals Ltd, which is a B2B Content Marketing Agency in London.

In this video, Mike Pitt explains how to listen to his audiobook for free. The title of his audiobook is How to TurboCharge Your Business With a Blog.

This video will be of interest to business owners, B2B marketing managers, Content Marketing professionals, Social Media Managers and others who use Content Marketing and Social Media to promote their B2B business. It will also be interesting to anyone who already listens to audiobooks. Thanks for watching and reading.

Listen to my Audiobook For Free

In 2012, I wrote a book entitled, How to TurboCharge Your Business With a Blog. Those of you who are subscribers of the channel, followers of my Twitter account or regular visitors to this website will already know this information. For those of you who are new, in 2015 I also released an audiobook . The audiobook is here, if you sign up for a free trial with Audible you can listen to my audiobook for free. There will be absolutely no charge. I am just scrolling down the Amazon page now, I have 32 reviews and I am just looking at the Amazon Bestseller Ranking and I am currently No 1 in ‘Marketing and Sales’ and No.2 in ‘Small Business and Entrepreneurship’ and number 76 in Advertising. So you can listen to this audiobook. I worked with an American radio presenter and narrator called Jerry Zimmerman and he has a very interesting voice. He brings the storytelling within the book and the lessons learned to live. You can appreciate his voice when you listen to my audiobook and as I said earlier, it’s currently free with an Audible trial.

Thank You

If you wanted to cancel your trial within the 30 days,  you could do that and you would not be charged. This is a way of me offering additional value and a thank you to those people who have subscribed to me on the YouTube channel, who follow me on Twitter and who post comments on the blog posts on this site. In fact, this is for everybody within the community. I know a lot of people cannot find time to read books so this is a solution that is easy to consume on your morning commute or when you are completing errands in your local vicinity.  I hope that you take action, listen to my audiobook and give me your feedback.

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